All art is abstraction; by nature it lies, but it can also ennoble. It abstracts from reality and dwells in illusion, but it can also transform and transfigure. I favor the use of some recognizable figure to ground my art and myself, but I look to the figure not as mere representation of the world but as its bearer.

Notwithstanding present anxiety, fear and desperation, I reject the exploitation of hopelessness. I seek, rather, in art as in life, beauty, love, freedom and truth.

Somebody said something about following my dream; I'd like to check that out.

I've sold coffee and cheese, bread and wine, and I've waited tables and tended bar. I was an attorney in Appalachian eastern Kentucky representing poor people in matters of jobs and debts and housing and domestic abuse. Currently I teach philosophy at St. John's University in Queens and New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn, and I am an assistant in art and design at The New York Botanical Garden in The Bronx.

B.A. Philosophy Haverford College
J.D. Temple University
Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University



I am working on a history of philosophy from Socrates to Sartre designed to be non-technical but serious. If you… check it out at (link …